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Shenzhen GTR Electronic Technology Co., Ltd was established in January 2016. It is a high-tech company specializing in the production, sales, and technical research and development of crystal oscillators, crystal resonators, ceramic filters, ceramic resonators, ultrasonic sensors, and reverse parking radar products.
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Crystal & Tuning-Fork

Conventional crystal resonator for GTR production, automotive crystal resonator for the agent brand. The frequency ranges from 8MHz to 80MHz. There is also a full size clock crystal(Tuning-Fork)32.768KHz


Crystal Oscillators

In order to reduce the customer selection load CL trouble, improve the accuracy of the output frequency, GTR can provide various specifications of crystal oscillator. The IC is produced by professional manufacturers with high reliability. The frequency ranges from 13.7KHz to 166MHz.For fast delivery, we have programmable crystal oscillator for customers to choose.



The voltage controlled crystal oscillator (VCXO) works by controlling the voltage to change the capacitance of the varactor diode, thus "pulling" the frequency of the quartz resonator to achieve the purpose of frequency modulation. VCXO is mostly used in phase lock technology, frequency negative feedback system and frequency modulation, and has been a key component of communication machines, mobile phones, pagers, global positioning system (GPS) and many other electronic applications.



GTR also offer temperature compensated crystal oscillators. Some specifications can also control the accuracy of the output frequency through the change of the input voltage. The frequency is 5-52 MHZ.



OCXO is called thermostatic crystal oscillator, or OCXO (Oven Controlled Crystal Oscillator), which uses a thermostatic cell to maintain a constant temperature of the quartz crystal resonator in the crystal oscillator. The change in oscillator output frequency caused by the change in ambient temperature is reduced to the smallest crystal oscillator. The OCXO is composed of a thermostat control circuit and an oscillator circuit. Usually people use thermistor "bridge" composed of differential series amplifier to achieve temperature control.Communication base stations, Instruments,Atomic clock need to use higher precision oven control crystal oscillator(OCXO). GTR’s OCXO frequency is 5-100MHz.


SAW Device

The SAW device is mainly composed of a substrate material with piezoelectric properties and an interlaced interfingered transducer (IDT) composed of metal films fabricated on the polished surface of the material. If a high-frequency electrical signal is added to both ends of the IDT electrode, the surface of the piezoelectric material will vibrate mechanically and simultaneously excite a surface sound wave of the same frequency as the external electrical signal. This surface sound wave will propagate along the surface of the substrate material. SAW can be detected and converted into electrical signals if another pair of IDT electrodes are made on the SAW propagation path.SAW (surface acoustic wave) devices, which can be divided into resonators and filters. We can provide all. This product is an agency brand.


Ceramic Resonator & Filter

GTR offers piezoelectric ceramic resonators at frequencies ranging from 3.58MHz to 40MHz and 455KHz. Mainly SMD encapsulation. A few are provided with Pin type (e.g. 455KHz). GTR also offer an SMD package of 10.7MHz filters for FM.


Ultrasonic Sensor

GTR can provide ultrasonic sensors of various specifications ranging from 25KHz to 1000KHz. It can be used in astern ranging, liquid level measurement, obstacle detection, web guiding systems, wind speed measurement, fluid flow measurement and other fields. GTR can also customize ultrasonic applications for customers.



Product Application

Automotive X'Tals

Crystals is widely used in both traditional fuel vehicles and booming new energy vehicles. Whether it is advanced driving assistance system (ADAS), traditional tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS), whether it is advanced vehicle networking system, or traditional entertainment information system, GTR can provide the crystals used. GTR also supply microcrystals, low-jitter crystals and highly stable thermostatic crystals for new applications such as positioning and tracking for vehicle-mounted Low Orbit satellite (LEO) communications and Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS).

Industrial Control and Equipment

Crystal is also widely used in industrial control and equipment, such as CNC machine tool equipment, CNC laser cutting machine, phase-locked loop system, modem, frequency converter, PLC, drivers, sensors, computers and peripheral equipment, robots, control boards of various equipment, etc., all need to use crystal. Crystal oscillator can provide a circuit oscillator source, or provide a clock signal to the circuit and so on.


Whether it is the traditional desktop telephone, or the current smart phone, whether it is the base station, WIFI and Bluetooth, Crystal and crystal oscillator plays a very important role. Base stations even use expensive thermostatic crystal oscillators (OCXOs). And Bluetooth and WIFI connect everything.

Smart home

The use of crystal in smart home is also becoming more and more common. Sweeping robot, sound system, electric fan, projector, TV, set-top box, refrigerator, humidifier, water heater, electric toothbrush, lighting control system and so on, all need the participation of crystal.

Intelligent Security

Safety protection is a family, public places, hotels, hotels and other essential facilities. Many need automatic response, crystal plays a very important role.



We have a wealth of knowledge and experience in solving these problems, please send us your PCB components. If the circuit needs to be modified, we will provide the most appropriate recommendation.